What to do when pulled over for DWI in Albany, Schenectady or Rensselaer County?

Getting pulled over on suspicion of DWI for alcohol or drugs, also called "DUI" in other states, can be scary. Following these four simple steps can help make the best of a very serious situation:

  1. Remember that you have the right to remain silent.
  2. Be respectful and cooperative with law enforcement.
  3. Do not make any statements to incriminate yourself or otherwise admit guilt.
  4. Contact an attorney.

In the event that you are charged and arrested, a very particular set of rules will come into play depending on the location of your stop and other factors including your BAC or blood alcohol content level. These rules, set by the local District Attorney, will determine the legal options available to you including whether or not your driving privileges will be immediately suspended and whether or not you will have the option to plea bargain or require a jury trial to be acquitted.

A DWI case in Albany County can have very different options from a similar case in Troy, or East Greenbush, for example. → Learn the difference

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